The learning activities proposed here are designed to accompany children and young people through the exhibition, stimulating emotion, dialogue, confrontation and marvel so that the visiting experience becomes immersive and stimulating.

Childhood and Primary School (Cycle I)

Diary of a shared adventure

Participatory visit with travelling workshop

The paintings in the exhibition combined with special props will tell step by step the story of two small protagonists, close but distant. The story, however, can only proceed thanks to the active intervention of the children, who will be involved in observation games, small workshops, tests and challenges. In each room, in fact, clues and stories are hidden among the paintings, necessary for the adventure to progress. A path that stimulates the spirit of collaboration and joining forces to achieve a shared goal. A special story kit from the exhibition will allow new adventures between art and imagination to be discovered at school.

Primary School (Cycle II)

Encounter Sceneries.

Active visit with travelling workshop

The works on display will be an opportunity to reflect on themes such as proximity, uniqueness and cooperation in order to discuss with the participants the perception of the self in relation to the others. The protagonists of the works will accompany us on a journey under the theme of encounter: friends, family, places create little big ecosystems in which we all find space. Through bodily experiments, sensory experiences, creative games and artistic reworking, children will understand the power of sharing and the importance of communicating without barriers.

Secondary school first grade

Encountering Scenarios at Secondary.

Active Visit with Itinerant Workshop With a journey through the most significant artistic currents of the past two centuries, the students will approach Realism, Divisionism, Symbolism and Abstractionism in order to concretely interpret – thanks to activities and playful experiments – the evolution of each encounter: from loneliness, to the initial difficulties of relating, to complete openness towards the other.

Secondary school


Together Active visit

The works of art in the exhibition will provide historical and artistic background information that will be the starting point for shared reflections on the concepts of collaboration, conflict and intersubjectivity.